LMC race prematurely abandoned due to heavy rain

The wild weather caused serious problems in Portugal, and this year's last Le Mans Cup race had to be abandoned 21 minutes before time.

The fickle weather pulled all of the headlines in Portugal this weekend. Already during saturday's free practice in the Le Mans Cup heavy rain started causing issues for the drivers.

Our own #55 with Thomas Andersen behind the wheel crashed into the barrier, and he repeated that feat during qualifications later in the day. Thomas wasn't fazed however, and after the car was hastely put together with some handy duct tape, he was back on the track with fast lap times, which secured the car a finishing position as P6.

Shortened race
This sunday's LMC race started behind safety car during the first quarter of an hour in order for the cars to obtain some heat in their tires, and when the race was finally released, the cars went of the track one by one. Just before the driver change Thomas Andersen had a puncture in #55 and went from P7 to P12, while Lars Pedersen in #88 was just in front of him on P11.

After the change of drivers, Jan Magnussen in#88 succeeded in gaining a couple of positions, while Simon Birch in #55 gaining a single spot. The remaining race was however plagued by yellow flags and safety cars. With 21 minutes remaining the red flag was waved and the race was abandoned ahead of schedule.

P9 #88 Jan Magnussen and Lars Pedersen
P11 #55 Simon Birch and Thomas Andersen

P7 #88 Jan Magnussen and Lars Pedersen
P9 #55 Simon Birch and Thomas Andersen

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