GMB teams 2023

On this page you can find information about the teams in the different classes GMB Motorsports competes in.

The team as a unit

Ahead of the 2023 season GMB Motorsport has improved the sporting setup in steps with the evolution of the team. Just before the start of the season, the team hired experienced Team Principal Henrik Lundgaard as the new man in charge of the crew. Henrik has many years of experience and has enjoyed great success in both Danish and international racing, both as a driver, mechanic, team leader and owner, and with such a versatile background, he was the perfect choice to lead the team into a new era.

At GMB Motorsport we view the team as a complete unit, and we aim to be just as good outside of the track as on it. It’s all well and fine to have great drivers behind the wheel, but without a well-adjusted and tight-knit crew around the cars, you don’t win races. It’s very important to have accomplished personnel on all positions, and we see it as essential to find and educate young and talented mechanics and crew members to achieve the best possible results.

International classes


European Le Mans Series

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Danish classes


Super GT Denmark

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